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At the station dedicated to Speech Book, in the 1 st floor room catalogs, the new portal is available for subscription to the service and the relevant literature searches.

The Finance Company KB1909-stock of Gorizia (President Boris Peric) has initiated a sponsorship project for cataloging in SBN fund "Slavic".

In January 2012, the De Simone family decided to donate the personal library of Pasquale De Simone, a former mayor of Gorizia.

The following were received in the library book funds: Bruno Perco (mycology), Joseph O. Longo. already of the University of Trieste (theory, literature and philosophy), Marco Santoro University La Sapienza of Rome (Italian studies, library science and history of the book), Franco Pupils (musicology, art, theology) and the last Lot Archive Monai (the inventory of the previously given, is available in the Office Special Funds).

From Monday, June 13, 2011, at the reading room on the 2nd floor of the library, the new service is active Wi-Fi.

! Important notice: please note that sending mail to the Library by PEC - Certified Mail should be sent to the address traditional and non, conversely, be used to send generic email.

The activities of the "Group Table" are taken October 4, 2011, with the preliminary meeting and organization of the 3rd cycle of readings. For information, communications and enrollment write to:

With the help of Fondazione Cassa di Gorizia (President: adv. Obizzi Franco) have been completely renovated (project architect. George Picotti) catalogs the hall in 2010 and 2011 on the first floor art gallery, "Mario Iorio "in the basement.

The nature of legal and institutional

The State Library Isontina is a peripheral structure of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture - General Direction for Library Heritage, Cultural Institutes and copyright -. Preserves, with a special agreement that is renewed in 1919, the Library Fund of the Municipality of Gorizia (Public Library). The mission of the State Library bibliographic Isontina is directed mainly to the following areas:

conservation and study of its assets, with particular attention to the funds of the Jesuit College (1621 - 1773) and "Studienbibliothek" (1822-1914);

documentation, even in non-paper, in support of legal studies liberal arts college;

escapist literature through the collection of the Centre for Public Reading - Floor 2 - (the "children" has been moved to the center in Via Vittorio Veneto Lenassi 7).

The mission

The State Library Isontina promotes reading in all its forms, transnational culture as heritage, sovralinguistico, sovraetnico, assistance to vulnerable groups in access to information. Preserve, protect and enhance its collections of books, documentary and iconographic manuscripts and printed. Acquired through purchases and donations with the most qualified editorial production, domestic and foreign, according to the peculiarities of its historical collections and the needs and demands of users. Receives the right to print the entire editorial production printing of the province of Gorizia. Organizes art exhibitions, conferences, seminars and presentations of books, plays publishing publishing the annual magazine "Studies Gorizia" from 1923, a series of studies "Library Studies Gorizia" and art catalogs.

The objectives

It remains the commitment to transfer all catalog from the current paper to electronic. Currently only half of the catalog (the current Studienbibliothek background Jesuit) was retroconvertito. From the point of view of the study of the funds is important to remember:

participation in the Italian Digital Library with the project on the old card catalog of Studienbibliothek;

detailed cataloging of the Library of the Jesuit College (over 1500 volumes which must be added to the portion passed to the Seminary of Gorizia);

the construction of the mapping section Following the publication of the catalog of maps and topographical maps of local interest;

the publication of the General Library of the journal "Studies Gorizia" founded by Carlo Battisti in 1923;

A new catalog of the art collection of the Library (which is now full of 150 paintings and sculptures by contemporary local artists).

Among the completed projects, the catalogs:

fund Della Bona (Udine, Forum, 2003);

manuscripts (Florence, Olschki, 2007);

incunabula ("Studies Gorizia" n. 101-102).



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