The task

The isontina  state library  promotes  the  reading  in  all  its forms, the culture  as  ethnic, linguistic and national heritage. It preserves, defends  and  brings out its own heritage from a bibliographic, documentary and iconographic  point of view. Thanks to donations and purchases it is the most qualified and editorial production, at the same time national and foreign. This process is possible through the peculiarity of the historical researches and also to the requirments of the customers. As a consequence of this, it receives, for press law, the whole editorial and tipographic production of the province of Gorizia (legge 106/2004).
It organises art exhibitions, conferences, seminars and books presentations.
It also carries out the editorial activity and every year, since 1923, it publishes the magazine “studi goriziani”, the book series “biblioteca di studi goriziani” and art catalogues.
The bibliographical purpose of the isontina state library is especially focused on the following areas:
-    Conservation and research of its own heritage, with special attention to the fund of jesuit’s collegium (1621-1773) and of the ”studienbibliothek“ (1822-1914).
-    Documentation even on no paperless format, in support of the humanistic and legal’ university studies.
-    The escaping literature through the collection of the civic library.