Access mode

The Library is open at the following times:
Monday - Friday: 7: 45-18: 45
Saturday: 7: 45-13: 15

The readers, to have access to the catalogs, to the reading and consultation room, to the newspaper library and to the services offered by the Library, must be registered with an identity document and tax code. The "children and teenagers" library is available at the Municipal recreation center. To access the Library it is required to fill in an attendance form in the Reading and Consultation Room and in the Emeroteca. To take advantage of reading on site, it is necessary to fill in the appropriate request form (one for each work requested).
Readers are responsible for the works received in reading until they are returned to distribution.
It is forbidden to smoke in all the rooms of the Library and to stay in the Reading and Consultation Room and in the Emeroteca for purposes other than study.
Anyone who causes any kind of damage to the works he has had in reading, trace pen, marker, pencil etc. marks on them. and do not handle the assigned volumes with due care, it can be excluded from access to the Institute.