The location

From  a  historical and artistical point of view the Werdenberg  palace  lies between the buildings with  monumental features. His history is strictly connected with the jesuit, whose presence in Gorizia was in a kind of way necessary as in other city of the Hasburg empire (Graz, Lubiana). This presence  was  required  by  the  council  of  Trent (1545-1563)  with the intention to take more  care to the youth’s education. They settled in Gorizia, in 1615, after the expulsion of the territories of  San Marino. This was made possible thanks to the donation of the baron Vito Dornberg, belonging to the church of San Giovanni.
At the beginning, the building had been used just as seminar but only for a few students, because jesuitic concentrated their forces to the formation of the clergy.
In 1629 the baron Verda von Werdenberg gave 22 thousands of florins to finance 24 seminarians and in 1634 he bought a new home which was closer to the main building. The entire structure was rebuilt, some spaces have been added to it and in 1649 it was considered finished. The palace is simple and sober, it reaches the perfect harmony in its architectonic lines.