The isontina state library has its roots from the library collection which was substituted and it increased with the birth of the jesuitic’s order, until the suppression at the hands of Maria Teresa. After being reordered and reopened in the current headquarter by the „Padri Piaristi“ (1780-1810) and after having been damaged during the french occupation in 1810, thanks to the hasburgic restoration, it became one of the six library of the Austria monarchy. It was opened to the public in 1825 and it conserved its functions of Venezia Giulia’s regional library until 1914.
At the beginning of the first world war, great part of the library collection had been brought to graz, to keep it safe, the rest of the heritage had been damaged or worse, destroyed. When Gorizia was occupied by the Italian army, some texts had been sent to Florence.
In 1941 the provincial library moved to “Palazzo Attems ”, while the civic library was still one with the state library.
The second world war, the German occupation, the Jugoslavia’s attack and the one of the usa caused serious damages but in the following years the library recovered very good.
In 1967 the library took the name of library state with new and more important duty, witness to the fact the literary heritage (from 31th december 2017 turns out to be of 416908 volumes), the number of visitors but especially in the partecipation in the urban area (lectures, seminars and art exhibitions).